Privacidade e Proteção de Dados


Welcome to the website of SecPLab - Security & Privacy Laboratory Team, member of the Distributed System Research Group of the Pontificial Catholic University of Parana (PUCPR). Here, you will find information about team members, projects, patents and publications

The SecPLab team researches and develops security solutions in the computational field. The team works in the development of the interdisciplinary solutions, which may involve from hardware to distributed systems in the following main areas: Access Control, Identity Management, Intrusion Detection System and Computer Forensics. The team are motivated by academic and applied research challenges, involving integration of complex real environments in multidisciplinary areas. The team aims at the development of security proposals applied to real world and emerging technologies, breaking paradigms and innovating in several areas as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Thing, Distributed Processing (MapReduce), Mobile Cloud, Smart Grid, Spam Detection, Software Defined Networks, Embedded System and Computer Forensics.

The team has worked on projects funded by large companies in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), such as Intel Labs, Copel, Siemens and National Education and Research Network (RNP). Furthermore, many projects are funded by research development agencies as Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and Parana State Foundation for Technological and Scientific Development (Araucaria Foundation).


Graduate Program in Computer Science (PPGIa)
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR)
R. Imaculada Conceição, 1155 - Prado Velho
80215-901 - Curitiba - PR - Brazil
Phone: +55 (41)3271-1669






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